May 27th update

Oncologist update:

Cam had an appointment today with the oncologist to talk over the biopsy results and go over the treatment plan.

The biopsy, as we already knew, confirmed that the cancer has spread to the liver. At this time we have learned that Cam’s specific cancer will not respond to drug therapy (pills) but they are doing additional testing for Pan-NKRT and for the BRCA gene as well. This would just give us more information on how to treat him.

Regardless at this time cam will be getting a port placed for chemotherapy. The oncologist wants to start on Folfirinox which would be once a day every 14 days that he would do both in clinic and on a pump at home.

During this process, blood work (specifically the CA19.9 test) and additional imaging will be done to see if the chemo is working. This will be the first round of chemo and right now has no projected end date as it depends on how cam responds to treatment.

We meet with the surgeon tomorrow but at this time the oncologist does not think it will be beneficial as they do not recommend surgery for stage 4 patients.

However, we have requested that Cam’s information be sent to duke so we can get a second opinion and see if he is eligible for any clinical trials. The benefits of doing this now is it will take about 2 weeks for insurance approval and scheduling for chemo treatments to be started. Cam would not be eligible for these trials if he started chemo so it’s the perfect time to look and see if it’s an option. They may agree with the current oncologists plan or they may recommend another form of chemotherapy we will just have to wait and see.

We feel all of your love and prayers and want to thank you again for your support during this journey.