June 9th Update

Newest Update!:
As most know, last week we met with the pancreatic cancer specialist at Duke to get a second opinion and ask about treatment options. The good news is that Cam is officially enrolled in a clinical study at Duke! We came back to duke today to sign the paperwork. Cam also had to do a new CT scan, an EKG, and bloodwork (both regular and the trial bloodwork needed). So today has been a busy day!
Now, the information on the clinical study. This clinical study is HUGE for treatment for Cam. Gemcitabine/Nab-Paclitaxel is the chemo Cam will be starting in the next few weeks. There are two treatment groups. One gets this chemo, and the other gets this chemo AND two immunotherapy drugs. Selection for the group is randomly done through a computer system so we don’t know yet which group cam will be in. But immunotherapy is phenomenal for cancer treatment. To easily explain it, your body does not naturally see cancer as “foreign” and so your immune system doesn’t fight it. At all. The chemo doesn’t fight the cancer it just tries to stop the growth. But immunotherapy actually tells your body to start fighting! It has been proven for other cancers to shrink the tumor size and delay growth. We won’t know which group cam is in until the day before he starts treatment.
The game plan for now is to meet with the surgeon in Wilmington next week to figure out when they will be placing the port, doing a follow up with the primary doctor about the blood sugars, and we will be getting a call about genetic testing as well.
After all of the preliminary stuff is done we will have to come every week for chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy treatment. This will incur a ton of travel time but this is the best treatment for Cam right now and we are blessed to have his Godmother who lives close to Duke Hospital.
We would like to again thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts during this journey. It is nice to know that Cam has such a strong village!