July 7th Update

After a long day we are finally at home and resting! Today was a hard one, our new normal begins and the return to “quarantine” starts.
The chemo went well today! Folfirinox is actually 3 separate chemo drugs that are given intravenously.
Oxaliplatin is given first. (2 hours)
This didn’t show any side effects until the second med was almost finished and cam started getting leg cramps.
Irinotecan is given second. (1.5 hours)
This is a harder drug and if you exhibit any symptoms you have to be given atropine, cam did start getting hot so he was given that medication and will need it every time that he gets chemo moving forward.
5-fluorouracil is given last.
This last med has to be given for 46 hours continuously at home. The side effects from this med usually show up around the end of the infusion.
Because of hurricane Elsa they were worried about the home health nurse being able to make it out here so I was trained today on how to flush the port, make sure it’s still viable, and remove the port access. It was some crash training that thankfully I have slight experience with because of the boys having their feeding tubes for so long. I will be doing all takedowns moving forward. 
Cam is feeling relatively well right now, just fatigued so it will be a ton of resting the next couple days.
Big update for GUESTS:
Cam is now considered immunocompromised because of him starting chemotherapy treatment. This means everywhere he goes, he will now need to wear a mask.
Visitors who are HEALTHY must wear a mask. This does not include the close family unit (meaning the kids and I).
If you’re sick, please refrain from visiting. Even a cold could be devastating for Cam.
We will have hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves by the door for anyone who needs them.
Thank you again for all of your love and support! Courage4Cam!