Cam's Courageous Fight Against Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Cam Hughes was diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer after they found an adenocarcinoma on his pancreas. The cancer has spread into the peripancreatic lymph node and the liver. This page is to give information on his progess, provide links to the fundraisers, and to do the T shirt sales. The blog will be updated regularly with more in depth information.

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  • @Courage4Cam

    Courage4Cam is full of witty banter, impromptu sing outs, and positive vibrations in Cam's fight against pancreatic cancer.

  • @Courage4Wives

    The all new Courage4Wives TikTok is to spread awareness for pancreatic cancer and to act as a support for those going through their own cancer journey and their caregivers.

  • @Camhughes5

    Cam's personal TikTok account. Please contact this account to talk to Cam personally if you are going through this journey and need support and uplifting.